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Saturn’s dedicated solenoid team is focused on providing innovative automotive engine and transmission powertrain solutions to assist our customers with the challenges of new fuel economy and reduced emissions regulations. We offer a comprehensive array of proprietary design, development and testing services that deliver affordable excellence of the latest technology.

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Variable Bleed Solenoid (VBS)

Our normally low and normally high, two- and three-way variable bleed solenoids control fluid flow into and throughout automatic transmissions. These solenoids can be configured in 6.0Bar and 10.0Bar packages, and offer excellent accuracy and repeatability, low hysteresis and contamination resistance.

On/Off Solenoid

Our normally low three-way solenoid valve controls automatic transmission hydraulic functions for shift, overdrive and torque converter clutch lockup. These solenoids handle operating pressures of up to 20Bar and feature fast response and high forward flow rates.

Variable Force Solenoid (VFS)

Our VFS and micro VFS solenoids supply an infinitely variable pressure for precise control of automatic transmission hydraulic circuits. Our design features a compact size, superb linearity and hysteresis-free operation, high or low flow capability and one tamper-proof calibration adjustment.

Oil Control Valve (OCV)

Used in variable valve timing engine applications, the oil control valve is a four-way direct-acting linear flow regulator. This solenoid is capable of high linear force output and generates low pressure and flow hysteresis.

Cylinder Deactivation Solenoid

This solenoid selectively disables an individual cylinder’s valve train, effectively reducing the number of active cylinders, resulting in up to 20 percent improved fuel economy. It’s designed for extreme environments and offers patented contamination control, high flow capability with low current draw and an 8ms pressure response time as just a few of its attributes.

Brake Transmission Shift Interlock

Our brake transmission shift interlock is a safety application that prevents a vehicle from shifting out of park unless the brake pedal is depressed.

Design and Engineering

Saturn’s highly respected engineering team differentiates us from our competitors through innovative technological solutions and custom engineering and manufacturing processes that are tailored to customer specifications.

We have a reputation for delivering unparalleled value and performance through exemplary engineering, excellence in manufacturing and uncompromising service. Our reputation is at stake with every customer relationship we build and every part we deliver, so we maintain absolute integrity, fairness and trust with our customers, employees, investors and suppliers. Our dedicated team of specialists is ready to serve you by providing unique solutions for your solenoid design and manufacturing requirements.